Restaurant Akropolis Nürnberg
akropolis restaurant Nuremberg menue
1.Dolmadakia filled with vine leafes and rice and minced meat4,20
2.Zaziki yoghurt with cucumbers and garlic4,20
3.Taramas fish roe creme3,70
4.Feta garnished with olives and peperoni5,20
704.Feta from the oven6,50
5.Feta baked6,50
705.Feta baked with salad8,00
6.Feta cold with salad6,90
7.Cucumber salad3,50
8.Tomato salad3,50
9.Green salad or cabbage salad3,50
10.Farmer salad with feta, olives, peperoni, onions10,00
11.Octopus salad7,40
12.Kolios salty anchoviy fillet3,50
13.Broad beans cold or warm3,70
14.Ouzo - plate for 1 person (cold appetizer)
zaziki, taramas, vine leafes, sea food, salad, fetas, olives, peperoni
714. Ouzo - plate for 2 persons25,00
113.Red paprika filled with feta5,50
116.Garlic bred3,00
117.Keftedakia minced meat dumplings in tomato sauce4,20
118.Tirosalada cheese creame with spicily paprika4,50
119.Tiropitakia puff pastry filled with feta4,20
120.Spanakopitakia puff oastry filled with spinach4,20
121.Aubergines salad4,20
122.Aubergines baked with garlic sauce 4,80
123.Zucchini baked with garlic sauce4,80
124.Tsipuro plate per person
Zucchini, aubergines, minced meat balls, broccoli, puff pastry filled with spinach and feta
15.Chicken soup3,80
16.Goulash soup3,80
17.Beans soup3,80
18.Suflaki special-skewers from neck of pork with paprika and onions
with fries , rice, zaziki, salad
19.Haunch skewers with fries, rice, zaziki, salad16,00
20.Veal steaks with fries , rice, zaziki, salad18,00
21.Suflaki skewers with fries , rice, zaziki, salad12,50
22.Giros with fries, rice, zaziki, salad12,50
2200.Giros Metaxa with cheese gratinated, fries or rice, salad13,50
23.Pork steaks with fries, rice, zaziki, salad12,00
230.Chicken breast filet barbecued, with herb butter, oven potatoes, salad13,00
240.Turkey breast filet barbecued in lemon butter sauce, oven potatoes, salad14,00
24.Pork sirloin in cream sauce, fries, rice, salad14,00
25.Pork liver with fries, rice, zaziki, salad11,50
26.Bifteki (minced meat with cheese filled
with fries, zaziki, rice, salad
27.Suzukis minced meat balls with fries, rice, zaziki, salad11,50
28.Lamb chops with fries , rice, zaziki, salad15,00
128.Lamb skewer with rice and vegetables, zaziki, farmer salad17,00
29.Giros, suflaki with fries, rice, zaziki, salad13,50
30.Giros, kalamaris with fries, rice, zaziki,salad14,00
Grill plates
31.Odysseus plate
Giros, liver, fries, rice, zaziki, salad
32.Athena plate
Two lamb chop, suzuki, liver, pork steak, fries, rice, zaziki, salad
Giros, suflaki, suzuki, fries , rice, zaziki, salad
Giros, 2 lamb chops, 1 suflaki, fries, rice, zaziki, salad
Giros, 3 lamb chops, fries, rice, zaziki, salad
Giros, 1 suflaki, 2 suzuki, fries, rice, zaziki, salad
Giros, 2 suflaki, pork steak, fries, rice, zaziki, farmer salad
Giros, sirloin skewer, veal steak, fries, rice, zaziki, salad
45.Apollon-plate for 2 persons
Giros, 2 Suflaki, 4 lamb chop, 2 scampis, kalamaris,
fries, rice, zaziki, farmer salad
From baking oven
49.Stifado lamb shank with spicy onions, salad14,00
50.Lamb shank with rice noodles gratinated with cheese, salad14,00
51.Lamb shank with okra pods, salad14,00
52.Lamb shank with green beans, salad14,00
53.Lamb shank with aubergines, salad14,00
54.Lamb shank with ribbon nudels, gratinated with cheese, salad14,00
154.Lamb shank with broad beans, salad14,00
55.Mousaka with aubergines, potatoes, minced meat
with cheese gratinated and salad
Fish dishes
56.Salmon filet with tagliatelle in white wine sauce, green salad13,50
57.Kalamaris with rice and green salad, zaziki-dip extra charge +2,5014,00
58.Scampi with rice and green salad20,00
59.Scampis-skewers grilled with butter rice, lemon butter sauce, salad, garlic bred20,00
60.Fish filet with rice and green salad17,00
61.Sardines with rice and green salad11,50
Fish plates
62.Fish plate with salmon filet, fish filet, scampi, sardines, kalamaris, rice and green salad17,00
63.Fish plate for 2 persons34,00
64.Fish plate for 3 persons51,00
65.Fish plate with scampis ,kalamaris, rice and green salad17,00
German dishes
47.Roast pork with green beans, spicy sauce, salad12,00
48.Roast pork with butter rice, spicy sauce, salad12,00
100.Schnitzel with fries, salad11
102.'Jäger-Schnitzel ' with mushroom sauce, fries, salad14,00
103.Cordon Bleu (of pork) with fries, salad13,50
66.Pizza Rhodos, salami, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olives, cheese10,00
67.Pizza Kronos, salami, ham, mushrooms, peperoni, cheese9,50
68.Pizza Artemis, salami, ham, egg, onions, cheese9,50
Side dishes
Zaziki small sphere2,00
Zaziki big sphere3,00
Green beans in spicy sauce3,50
Oven potatoes3,50
Pita (bred)1,50
Sauce lemon, cream, hunter, roast2,50
Metaxa sauce with asparagus, mushrooms, sauce Bernaise,
sauce Hollandaise, whipped cream and Metaxa
Little dishes
710.Farmer salad with feta, olives, peperoni, onions6,50
718.Suflaki special-skewer from neck of pork with paprika and onions, fries, rice, zaziki, salad10,00
719.Sirloin skewer with fries, rice, zaziki, salad11,00
720.Veal steak with fries, rice, zaziki, salad11,50
721.Suflaki with fries, rice, zaziki, salad9,50
722.Giros with fries, rice, zaziki, salad9,50
2201.Giros Metaxa with cheese gratinated, fries, salad10,00
723.Pork steak with fries, rice, zaziki, salad9,50
725.Pork liver with fries, rice, zaziki, salad8,50
726.Bifteki (minced meat with cheese filled) with fries, rice, zaziki, salad9,50
727.Suzuki (minced meat balls) with fries, rice, zaziki, salad8,50
757.Kalamarís with rice and green salad, zaziki-dip extra charge +1,5010,00
759.Scampi-skewers with lemon butter sauce, butter rice, salad, garlic bred13,00
760.Fish filet with rice and green salad13,90
766.Pizza Rhodos salami, ham, mushrooms, artichokes, olives, cheese7,00
767.Pizza Kronos salami, ham, mushrooms, peperoni, cheese7,00
768.Pizza Artemis salami, ham, egg, onions, cheese7,00
770.Schnitzel with fries, salad7,90
69.Crepés filled with blueberries jam and vanilla ice cream3,90
70.Crepés filled with nuts nougat creame and vanilla ice cream3,90
72.Yoghurt 150g with walnuts and honey2,90
73.Caramelita two scoops, walnuts with caramel sauce and cream5,90
74.Fruit cup vanilla, yoghurt, strawberry, fruit cocktail, cream5,00
75.Mixed ice vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cream4,00
175.Ice dwarf for kids only, one scoop of vanilla ice and chocolate ice garnished with cream , chocolate sauce and one cone3,50
76.Galaktoburiko flaky pastry filled with semolina cream3,90
77.Galaktoburiko flaky pastry filled with semolina cream and one scoop of vanilla ice4,50
Extra ice scoop1,00
Extra cream0,50
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